Weekly Coding Interview Tips and Hacks

Facebook Interview – Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters

One of the most popular questions asked by Facebook

Uber Interview Question – Delimiter Matching

If you can’t provide a solution with clean code in 15min, you’ll fail the interview

Dropbox Interview – Design Hit Counter

We talk about time/space complexity, concurrency and distributed counter

8 Things You Need to Know Before a System Design Interview

Practical system design interview tips

How to Design Twitter (Part 1)

Detailed analysis of one of the most popular system design questions

How To Design Google Docs

We talk about storage, concurrency, access control and everything


If a String Contains an Anagram of Another String

We talk about anagram, time complexity, hash etc.

Uber Interview Question – Map Implementation

Test if you have a deep understanding of basic data structures


This question gets asked with so many variations

Facebook Interview Questions Uber Interview Questions


How To Prepare For an Interview In One Month

Yes, one month can actually make a huge difference

5 Things To Do After You Failed an Interview

There can be lots of things to do other than complaining

A Step-By-Step Guide to Solve Coding Problems

Everything you need to know about solving coding problems


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